Rigiflex Dinghies For Sale

Rigiflex Boats

A wide range of Rigiflex boats cater for fishing, angling, rescue services and family fun at sea and on freshwaters.

Cap range for sea fishing and family fun

The Cap range of classic polyethylene boats are instantly recognisable amongst anglers and designed so you can fish in unrivalled comfort and safety.

Perfect boat for mixing angling and family use

in Cap range there is a boat for anglers looking for a value for money boat to enjoy their fishing and for families enjoying a stable and comfortable boat that is perfect for pleasure cruising and holiday use.

Boats for freshwater angling

AquaPeche range is ideal for going fishing without breaking the bank. AquaPeche boats are made specifically for freshwater fishing, both individual and commercial angling use.

NewMatic range of rescue boats

Rigiflex’s range of dedicated rescue boats have been tried and trusted by lifeguard and rescue professionals across Europe and the New-Matic range has become a reference point for all freshwater and marine rescue services.

NewMatic boats are durable, stable and fast making them perfect for safety work.