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The Full size steel frames are tough, and the heavy duty galvanizing will protect them from corrosion for many years to come. Our Sports series frames are a unique design that will provide the strength and rigidity for a lifetime of towing whilst you explore the beautiful waterways on offer.

The Sports Series Boasts our revolutionary "Undercarriage" system, meaning that the entire axle, spring and guard assembly can be moved forwards or rearwards on this frame. This allows for the precise Fine tuning of your trailer to provide the perfect tow weight on the back of your car. With the perfect tow weight comes smooth effortless towing and greater comfort and safety when you are out on the road.

Manufactured using full size 13" steel wheels, light truck tyres and full size hubs and bearings the sports series is built to the same high standards as the rest of the line up.

The standard features list is long and that is what makes them the small trailer with a big attitude.

Other Standard Features:

Heavy Duty Galvanised Finish for corrosion protection.
Custom Waterproof LED Lighting system with a "Joint Free" wiring loom that wont let you down.
"Swing up" jockey wheel as standard.
Stylish UV stabilised mudguards that will not corrode and are virtually unbreakable. (Choose from Black, Silver or White)
Australian Standards Approved Couplings for security when under tow.
150MM Heavy duty Non-Braked hubs to keep you rolling out on the highway.
High-grade Automotive seals that won't let you down.
High Grade Light truck DOT Approved tyres as standard.
Galvanised U-bolts, nuts and plates throughout.
Matched Strap Winches that won't bind on the drum.
Western Australia
Como WA

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