Sports Fishing Boats

TOP OF THE RANGE ESTUARY TRACKERS FROM THE STESSL FAMILY. RENOWNED IN THE FISHING COMMUNITY AROUND AUSTRALIA THESE TOURNAMENT HULLS HAVE ALL THE EXTRAS AS STANDARD. STABILITY , LESS DRAG , AND MINIMAL WAKE WHEN UNDERWAY TO PROTECT THE ENVIORNMENT. DESIGNED FOR AUSTRALIA. BUILT IN AUSTRALIA. ------------------------STANDARD FEATURES Tournament PRO Series------------- 4.8 AND 5.2 MTRS ------ 4 turn rotary steering system Fuel deck filler kit for fuel tank Side rails short 9ft rod locker - port side Painted with stripes Soft Rider transom Anchor well under front cast deck Pro tournament front cast deck Sports console - side mount Battery shelf with dry storage & seat base Transducer bracket Bow Eye hole x 2 Pro tournament live well 100 lt Under floor flotation Bow rails low & nav light brackets - front cast Under floor fuel tank 90 lt Rear storage box with drain Upholstered bench seat Conceal tie off cleat - anchor well Rod holders x 2 Edge bottom Seat positions x 3 Windscreen for sports console Electric Kit Side decks extruded

Length: 4.8Mtrs or 15.75 Ft